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In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet?

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In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet? Empty In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet?

Post by Champion Blackwolf on Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:50 am

In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet? <a href=In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet? Wobbuf10" />
Hi everybody, how's it going?  Looks like nobody writes that much anymore, how about we fix that? Wink

Wynaut is a Gen 3 Pokemon that you first get from an egg an old lady gives you. It was made to be a pre-evolution to a very odd Pokemon from Gen 2. Wynaut is just as odd, having really high HP (base 95) for an LC Pokemon and being focused on counterattacks, its main moves being Counter, Mirror Coat and Destiny Bond. Other moves are defensive or just don't do anything. With nothing offensive, its attack and special attack are irrelevant, they can as well be as low as 1, just like Shedinja's defenses. To complete its bulk, Wynaut gets base defense and special defense of 48, enhanced with an eviolite. Low speed but its abilities compensate that, especially Shadow Tag, that prevents the opponent from switching out unless it's a ghost. The other ability, Telepathy, is useful in doubles or triples only as it ignores damage from ally attacks, or in a geek's terms: friendly fire is set to false.

Comparing it to its evolved form: Wobbuffet is that really dangerous Pokemon from Gen 2, adding a 58 base defense and special defense to its 190 base HP, making it able to take hard hits and hit back twice as hard with Counter or Mirror Coat. Its Shadow Tag a bility traps the opponent that now has to make it through Wobbuffet before going any further, yet Wobbuffet has the advantage in a one-on-one situation.

How to play them?

In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet? <a href=In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet? Wynaut10" />

Encore, encore! Do it again please! Until you pass out!

Wynaut: LC tier. Get an eviolite, the Shadow Tag ability and focus the EV on its HP, defense and special defense, max them out, get the nature you want as long as it increases defense or special defense. Then, you need Encore to lock your opponent on its last move, to know whether you need to use Counter (physical) or Mirror Coat (special) to return twice the damage you're going to take. In case you know Wynaut won't make it, set Destiny Bond to at least take your opponent down with you. There are more ways to use this very set, and they will be described further.

LC Wynaut
Wynaut lvl 5 @ eviolite
Shadow Tag

Mirror Coat
Destiny Bond

In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet? <a href=In the moonlight n°46: Wynaut messing with Wobbuffet? Wobbuf11" />
"Take me down, the trick's on you because you're coming with me." Man I love this song.

Wobbuffet: PU tier in Gen 6. You can try it in PU without Shadow Tag (since it's banned) and it will still be effective, but can't guarantee it will eliminate a big threat once and for all, like it can with Shadow Tag. For that reason, I mostly play it in Ubers, Anything Goes and monotype. Just like Ditto, the fact that such a Pokemon is PU just means that it can be played everywhere, it can adapt. It's just better with Shadow Tag, therefore in Ubers/AG/mono. For the item, leftovers work well with its immense HP, but a Colbur (dark, credit to the merciful one for the idea), Kasib (ghost) or Tanga (bug) berry can protect it from a weakness by halving the damage once, helping it survive and hitting back hard enough, since its low defenses help it lose enough of its 500+ HP to be effective with Counter or Mirror Coat. In case  Wobbuffet faces a physical ghost type or a special dark type, which are immune to respectively Counter and Mirror Coat, it will still have time to set Destiny Bond.  The arrival of Gen 7 saw Destiny Bond getting adjusted, and now works under the same conditions as Protect, ie can fail if used twice in a row. Thankfully you have Encore: after setting Destiny Bond once, the opponent either Koes you and falls with you, or goes for a status move and you can lock it on said status move with Encore, giving you time to switch an offensive Pokemon in, and either force a switch from the opponent or finish off your target. That use of Encore led me pretty far in Anything Goes, with Wobbuffet locking an Arceus on Swords Dance, a Xerneas on Geomancy and many more setup sweepers. I would let them setup for the three turns while they were locked with Encore, and then send out a scarfed Ditto to steal their boosts, destroy their team and leave the opponent alone with only their greed to blame. I call that the Wobbitto combo. In case the Pokemon under Encore also sets up its special defense or something like that (such as Xerneas), I'd send out Arceus instead of Ditto (first turn of Encore), set my own Swords Dance (second turn of Encore), and then, either use Swords Dance again if Arceus is faster than the opponent, or take advantage of the third turn of Encore to attack with Last Resort (I haven't translated my Arceus article yet, but that set will be described in it), and good luck to counter that, since even Ditto doesn't work.  For the EV, don't touch the HP: raise defense and special defense instead, max them both out: that way, Wobbuffet will increase both its physical and special bulk by 41% (without the nature), while adding 63 to its high HP and maxing out one defensive stat means the other one will be neglected. Always raise the lowest two of the three.

AG/monotype Wobbuffet
Wobbuffet @ leftovers/Colbur berry/Kasib berry/Tanga berry
Shadow Tag

Mirror Coat
Destiny Bond
252 Def 252 SpD, positive nature for one of those.

Whatever you're using, Wobbuffet remains a forgotten threat that can adapt to you, and is to be taken seriously before it's too late.

By Champion Blackwolf. I don't own the pictures. Next topic: the Tao trio.

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