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In the moonlight n°21: Ditto, all in one

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In the moonlight n°21: Ditto, all in one

Post by Champion Blackwolf on Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:58 am


Ditto is a Gen 1 Pokemon known for being able to transform into the opponent, copying stats (except HP), moves, type, ability, but apparently not the weight because Pokemon logic. That's all it does and that's far enough. It has 48 in every base stat, but offensive stats don't count, and nothing other than HP count once it's transformed. Its only move, Transform, enables it to become a copy of the enemy, while its ability, Limber, prevents any paralysis in its base form. Then, gen 5 came with Imposter, enabling Ditto to transform on switch-in, there's no need to use Transform anymore, so you don't waste time. With this ability Ditto has become a good revenge-killer, and might even sweep a whole team after transforming into a boosted sweeper. Besides its battling skills, Ditto is also a breeding machine, used to give birth to shinys or Pokemon with great IVs, since it can reproduce with any Pokemon besides the undiscovered egg groups. Basically Ditto's main job is to populate your Pokedex just like a queen honey bee populates her hive (and we all know how busy a queen honey bee is).

How to play it?

The best thing about Ditto is that it's PU. Exactly, the Pokemon that can become anything can be played anywhere (except LC). Don't bother getting Limber and taking one turn to use Transform, Imposter is instant. Then, give it Transform anyway because it still needs one move to be valid. The most used item on Ditto is choice scarf, for revenge-killing. You transform into a boosted opponent on switch-in, finish it off by always hitting first, then sweep if you can. Ditto's best partner for this may be Wobbuffet: you lock the opponent with Shadow Tag and spam Destiny Bond, so the opposing sweeper doesn't dare kill Wobbuffet and sets up instead. Then, lock it with Encore so it takes three turns to boost its power without switching out. On the third turn of Encore, switch Ditto in, Imposter tranforms it into a super boosted sweeper and you can destroy the whole team with it, thanks to the choice scarf, for a +5 speed Ditto with scarf outspeeds a +6 Pokemon. Using this combo (that I named Wobbitto), I've been able to steal Pokemon such as Mega-Lucario (after a Blaziken Baton Pass), Mega-Salamence, Mega-Rayquaza, Xerneas, Mega-Kangaskhan, Arceus and many more, in Anything Goes. My Ditto is in a team worth 1604 in Anything Goes, that's how useful it is. And it's PU because Pokemon logic.

Another item Ditto can use is brightpowder: it keeps the same pseed as the opponent, but can avoid some attacks. My co-champion, who spend his time searching for uncommon sets (and who can do great with them), uses brightpowder Ditto and thanks to the access to four moves as well as evasion, can be as dangerous as the scarfed one.

Whatever the item, Ditto can also be great in a PP stall, depending on who the partner or the opponents are. I remember two PP stalls, one with Ditto and Wobbuffet vs Vaporeon and Umbreon, and one with Ditto + Chansey vs Mega-Venusaur. The thing to keep in mind is that when in a PP stall you're able to switch, and your opponent has a healing move, then your Ditto gets an unlimited supply of it. If that move is Wish it's even better, because your other Pokemon can regain HP as well and you can go all the way until the opponent runs out of PP and struggles, knowing you never will. That's what happened with Ditto and Wobbuffet against Vaporeon and Umbreon, they didn't have the power to take out Ditto or Wobbuffet, and both had Wish. So I kept switching Ditto and Wobbuffet again and again, spamming Wish to heal my Pokemon, reminding my opponent he gave me an unlimited supply of Wish, that I would never run out of PP, and that I had the time to wait. He logically quit knowing there was nothing to do. As for the other guy's Venusaur, it ran out of PP and struggled to death before Ditto and Chansey. Well, Ditto is mostly fit for offensive, but now you know how dangerous it is to stall it with healing moves: Ditto can use yours forever.

Ditto is a very particular Pokemon, and often game-changing, but it's actually neither good or bad: it's what the opponent is. You can see it like a mirror, or a trump card.

By Champion Blackwolf. I do not own the pictures. If the second one doesn't suit, please tell me and I will replace it. Next topic: Excadrill, tonight.

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Re: In the moonlight n°21: Ditto, all in one

Post by Woyaojinkela on Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:31 am

wobbuffet and ditto can be such a nightmare XD It's good learning about all the ditto sets outside of the choice scarf one n_n Never noticed how good ditto is in pp stalling. And the second one suit for me btw

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