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In the moonlight n°7: Hawlucha

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In the moonlight n°7: Hawlucha

Post by Champion Blackwolf on Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:53 pm

Hawlucha is a very particular Pokemon from Gen6: its release as a fighting/flying type Pokemon turned the flying type into the type with the most typing variations (pure flying with Tornadus then all 17 double-types), and the only type having been paired with every other types, before the water type which currently has 17 variations (Volcanion has yet to be released). Hawlucha is an unevolved, non-evolving Pokemon without a Mega-Evolution but it still gets the job done. It has a base stat total of 500 which is quite high for a Pokemon that never evolves (hi there, Sableye and Mawile). Though, most of them are average, even its second best stat (attack) has a base of 92. However, its 118 base speed, along with a good ability and some moves, make it a real threat. It can hit fast and hard, but if you don't OHKO with it, Hawlucha is likely to get OHKO itself, due to the lack of bulk (HP 78, Def 75, SpD 63). It has access to three useful abilities: Limber (can not be paralyzed), Mold Breaker (no ability can alter or prevent the damage or effects from its moves), and Unburden (when a held item is given, used or lost, the Pokemon's speed doubles). Unburden is by far its most used ability. But to trigger it you need to give it an item, to lose it afterwards. I remember using Fling with a flame orb to burn the opponent and double my speed, but Unburden stopped working with Fling, so I had to change my set.

How to play it?

BL tier. Hawlucha is mostly used in a fighting mono. Despite having a signature move with TWO types (Flying Press, both flying and fighting, has fighting STAB), it's almost never played with it, for Flying Press is outclassed by High Jump Kick and Acrobatics. So, get Unburden for an ability, and an item that's easily consumed or lost. Focus sash, power herb, sitrus berry and liechii berry are the most used ones.
First the power herb set: use Sky Attack to hit hard in one turn, and unburden is activated after this turn.
Then, the focus sash set: lower the HP and defenses to minimum, setup with Swords Dance and wait for the opponent to almost OHKO you, focus sash saving Hawlucha.
Third possibility, for cowards. Use Substitute until your HP run low enough to eat a berry. Sitrus berry to restore HP, liechii berry to raise your attack by one stage.

Whatever the item is: get Acrobatics (base power 165 with flying STAB) and High Jump Kick (195 with fighting STAB) as second and third move. The fourth move is up to you, surprise me. You can get a coverage move, I run Endeavor: if my Hawlucha somewhat survives a hit, it's with very low HP and Endeavor helps me against something bulky. Then I finish that guy off with the next Pokemon.
Hawlucha is a good Pokemon to start a battle with, has good speed, decent attack, strong moves and a broken ability. It will do just fine unless someone forgets it's not fit for defensive.

By Champion Blackwolf. I do not own the images. Next topic: Heracross, tomorrow.

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Re: In the moonlight n°7: Hawlucha

Post by Woyaojinkela on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:05 pm

good article n_n. Not much i can add.

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