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Vigilante Mechanics

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Vigilante Mechanics Empty Vigilante Mechanics

Post by Vigilante Lucifer on Sat Apr 30, 2016 2:48 am

In Vigilante, it is a hack and slash, with Lucifer holding a scythe and a sword.

X is for scythe attacks
Y is for Sword attacks

Lucifer can perform different combos by mingling with these buttons:

Ground XXYX

Lucifer will slash with his scythe two times and when you press Y, he stabs the opponent with his sword and as soon as he presses the last X, he will take out his scythe and do an uppercut slash.

For the new mechanics, I want to make this stand out from other titles like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. So, here are the possible mechanics.

Combo Magic:

When Lucifer's magic gauge is filled, he can do a combo magic skill. For example, he can chant a magic spell that will crash the surrounding course with meteors.

Shadow skills:

When Lucifer ends attacks with certain combos, he will use a shadow skill. For example, when he pulls off the XXYX combo, he will summon shadow beasts that will attack for him, like a shadow wolf that charges into enemies or a shadow gremlin that stabs enemies with a spear.

What is your idea for a mechanic?
Vigilante Lucifer

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