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Vigilante Chapters

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Vigilante Chapters Empty Vigilante Chapters

Post by Vigilante Lucifer on Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:58 am

Chapter 1:
Lucifer was a demon who was born on Eilidh, which meant that he was often discriminated by the humans in his town. He lived in a town called Satik, which was known for it's main source of livestock. During his life on Eilidh, he got a job where he could be a test subject for holy water effectiveness. The students at a church would pour holy water upon him, which would melt him alive, but he got used to it. He was very lonely and depressed until one day, an angel came to him.

[Lucifer]: Uh, hello... Is there something you want?
[Angel]: (Smiles sweetly) Hi, my name is Esther, princess of the skies, I am here to take watch over you, that's all. My father told me that there was a demon living on Eilidh, but I don't see you as such a bad guy, let's be happy living together~
[Lucifer]: Well.... (Sighs) Alright, I don't have the right to decline.
[Esther]: (Flicks his nose and giggles) Don't be like that, just be happy that you have a friend staying with you.

Esther stayed with Lucifer and she brought the meaning of happiness and friendship to his life. Suddenly, Lucifer felt like life wasn't so bad anymore. However, one day at the festival disaster...

The goddess festival takes place every 1000 years and priests and nuns would gather near the church and chant songs to the holy goddess that created this world. After the 30 minute chanting, a representative of the goddess shall sing the final and most beautiful songs in history. This time, the representative was Esther, as she is wearing a pretty dress. Before Esther could finish the song, devils with black cloaks and guns flew towards this town and they shot at the nuns and priests before they could escape. Then, a black haired devil appeared on the platform in front of Esther.

[Devil]: Good evening, Princess. It is quite a nice evening isn't it.
[Esther]: Astaroth, but how? I thought my father sealed you away.
[Astaroth]: (Laughs) How naive you are... My seal has already expired, its been 500 years now. (Shoots red lightning at her, causing her to scream in pain and through her skin) Yes, more, more! That is the most beautiful sound I have heard in years.
[Esther]: (Starts to grunt instead of screaming)
[Astaroth]: (Slaps her) Come on now you stupid bitch! Keep screaming, it turns me on you know~ (Licks her blood)

Lucifer attacks Astaroth to let her go, but when Astaroth sees him, he smiles.

[Astaroth]: Why if isn't the only demon born on Eilidh, good to see you here.
[Lucifer]: How did you know?
[Astaroth]: (Cackles) That doesn't matter right now. Say, why don't you join my army of Runeshadows?
[Lucifer]: You want me to join you?
[Astaroth]: Yes, haven't you seen how this world is cruel and cold? Haven't you ever wanted to get revenge on the ones who discriminated you? If you join me, I will give you all the glory you can witness during the invasion of Eilidh.
[Lucifer]: Why the hell would I want to do that? (Comes up and slashes at him, but Astaroth dodges and plunges his sword into Lucifer's head, killing him)
[Esther]: LUCIFER!!
[Astaroth]: Well then, it is time to leave. NOW MY MEN, OUT!! (Vanishes along with the cloaked soldiers)

Several hours later, Lucifer regenerates from his death and finds himself in the middle of the streets where the the town square was desolated and covered in corpses everywhere. He frantically searches for Esther, but fails to do so and falls to his knees and cries. However, the ground was shaking and out in the distance, a castle starts to rise out of the pits of hell and dark aura starts to emanate. Suddenly, he felt something hug him from behind. It was a hologram of Esther, who is starting to cry.

[Esther]: Lu-Lucifer, I am scared..
[Lucifer]: E-esther?
[Esther]: No, I am simply communicating to you through my power. I have to tell you that I am in the castle you see out in the horizon. Astaroth is draining my energy bit by bit to make his castle rise and if his castle rises high enough, Eilidh will be under Astaroth's rule and nothing can stop him. Also, he set up a forcefield to block out anyone out of the castle, if you get all the guardian stones scattered throughout Eilidh, you can get past the forcefield. Astaroth has hidden them throughout the land, but hrry before it is too late. (Vanishes)
[Lucifer]: Understood.

So Lucifer goes on his way to the castle of Hell to rescue Esther.

First, Lucifer takes on a quest in Satik to get rid of the corrupted monsters that are feeding on the livestock in the Grassy Ranch level. Then, Lucifer has to get out of town, but the guard says he lost his keys in the tower gate, so Lucifer has to find the key for him while avoiding the gremlins inside of the Guard Tower Level. Once Lucifer finds the keys, the guard will open the gate, allowing Lucifer to go onto the next town.

Then, when Lucifer goes to Butterfly Road (An overworld road that connects Satik and Donworth) He senses dark energy coming from the forest on Butterfly Road. He decides to go into the Cursed Forest Level, where he has to fight through Runeshadows guarding something in the forest.

Lucifer finds a giant Rose demon at the end of the forest which attacks him.

For this boss battle, the Rose will send up bud shields to protect herself. She will spray acid around the arena, so watch out. After she lets her guard down, you can attack her. After a few hits, she will drop her sheild and enter berserker mode, where she will use vines to constrict you. Just dodge these vines while dodging her acid and she will be finished.

The rose wilts after he defeats her and she drops a guardian stone, which weakens the forcefield.
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