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splash gets even more useful???

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splash gets even more useful??? Empty splash gets even more useful???

Post by Woyaojinkela on Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:38 pm

with the introduction z-move, splash gets a buff too. I heard it'll boost your pokemon's attack by 3 stage, that's a lot...
and here's some pokemon that's going to appreciate the attack boost and can run splash: azumarull, gyarados, mega lopunny, SOLGELEO and magikarp likes boosted tackles, so does wynaut who can't even tackle

so um zmove splash mega lopunny, three attack boost with that speed and good coverage ... and talonflame was nerfed... gyarados can finally do double dance... azumarill can wall break without band or belly drum and magikarp can perform boosted flail
and yeah solgeleo and lunala can run splash becuz cosmog or whatever you call it.
so what do you think? will people actually run splash in competitive play? comment below or my magikarp will use splash+tackle

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second epic battle
splash gets even more useful??? Ddeirme
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