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Renegade: Chapters

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Renegade: Chapters

Post by Aeon Lovejoy on Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:04 am

Hey guys, I am changing the story to a much darker and horror-esque style and here it is:

Chapter 1:

Jack was a boy who is shunned from society, mainly because he is the great, great, great, great grandson of the Queen of Hearts, the original dictator of Wonderland. Let's take a look back at Jack's childhood, shall we? Jack was born in the Castle of Hearts and his family seemingly treated him with exceptional care.

One night when Jack was at the age of 10, he went down the foyer of his castle for a drink of water, but he saw a light shining in the room. He decided to see what was there and saw that it was his mother, father, a masked man, and skinny teenager who is tied down to a guillotine.

[Teenager]: NO! Please don't kill me! I didn't do anything wrong! I swear!
[King]: Oh I know, but I will just kill you for the fun of it. (To the masked man) Off with his head (laughs evilly)

The masked man let go of the rope and the giant blade cut off the teenager's head off, with blood gushing out from his neck. Jack screamed as he was horrified by this nightmarish sight and his parents smiled.

[King]: Why hello Jack, I see you have witnessed the marvelous wonders of decapitation. Say Jack, would you like to use the head as ball to kick around with?
[Jack]: (Shudders in fear) N-n-n-NO! I HATE MURDER!

The king opens his eyes in shock and glaring anger.

[King]: (Coldly) What was that Jack?
[Jack]: I don't want to play with his head, it is just wrong!
[King]: (Pauses for a moment) Very well then, off with his head.
[Queen]: Maybe I can have two new heads for my collection (laughs evilly)

The masked man starts to approach Jack as he is backing away from him. Jack runs out of the castle and keeps running before the guards catch him. To find a place to hide, he saw a village up ahead and went in there to find shelter. The town's mayor was very skeptical about Jack's stay at the village but nonetheless gave him a house to stay in. Even though Jack was accepted into the village, the people seem to avoid or run away whenever Jack is around, making him lonely most of the time.

Five years later, Jack heard from the villagers that the Emperor of Wonderland has decided to come to this village in search for the new hero. However, he was not allowed to come to the Emperor's parade and he had to sit out. During the parade, all the people lined up when their names were called and the Emperor held out a small crystal ball. He spoke out that this crystal contained the soul of Alice, the original hero of Wonderland and she would fuse her soul into the person who is worthy of being the new hero and help him or her on his journey. Hours passed as Alice would not fuse with anybody in the line, leaving the Emperor to decide to go to the next village to find the new hero.

However, a guard was screaming in pain when an bullet penetrated through his heart. One by one, people were dying as they were surrounded by men in black cloaks shooting at them. A little girl descended from the sky, landing in front of the emperor.

[???]:How are you Emperor Typhenson?
[Emperor]: Who are you, and what do you want from me?
[???]: (Chuckles darkly) I am Fiona, the royal succubus of Llorac, see here? (Points to an eye symbol on her hand and raises her fist in the air) Us Runeshadows shall revive the Lord Llorac, the one who sees all! Now, Typhenson, hand me the soul of Alice. If you do, I will let you live.
[Emperor]: I would never let you take it for the revival of Llorrac!
[Fiona]: (She sets her face very close to his and starts talking sweetly) Come on now Typhenson, you are making me angry.
[Emperor]: (He pushes her away from him) You seduction magic won't work against me!
[Fiona]: (Laughs evilly) I see. (Fiona grabs his neck and starts strangling him) Well since you too goddamn stubborn to hand it over, I will just give you the most painful death I can give other than to suck out your life energy. (Fiona tightens her grasp and blood starts to leak out of the Emperor's neck.)
[Jack]: (Jack punches her in the face) Stop it! That is enough of you!
[Fiona]: My my, aren't you cute. But I don't have time for you right now, I need the soul of Alice immediately.

As Fiona reaches to grab the soul crystal Jack takes it in the blink of an eye and runs away from being shot with bullets. Jack ran into the forest nearby the town and rested there, thinking that he lost the cloaked men. Out of curiosity, he opens the box and sees the Soul Crystal glowing brightly in his hands. However, the crystal then starts to glow even brighter and blinds Jack. But as the glowing faded away, the crystal disappeared from Jack's hands. Suddenly a pretty blonde haired girl with a blue dress materialized in front of Jack and smiled at him. The girl introduced herself as Alice and that she would help Jack defeat the Runeshadows from dominating Wonderland once again. Even though Jack was a part of the Hearts bloodline, Alice saw into his heart that he was not evil at all and she was willing to stay with Jack happily.

The next day, Jack was taught how to use suits (card symbols) in battle. Alice first teaches him the basic heart suit skills before going off into the Grassy Outskirts levels to fight.
(After Jack beats Grassy Outskirts Stages 1-4)

Jack looks around in the peaceful flower garden, enjoying the fresh spring breeze. He saw two bunnies out in the distance having a cute little tea party and hugging each other. However, a cold hand was placed on his shoulder and it belonged to a tall and slim chalk-skinned man with pitch-black eyes and long black hair.

[???]: You seem to adore those two rodents there, don't you?
[Jack]: (Steps away from the man) Why yes sir, I do.
[???]: No, please don't call me sir, my name is Carroll. And you must be the infamous Jack of Hearts aren't you?
[Jack]: How did you know Mr. Carroll?
[Carroll]: I have been looking for you for a while now. (Looks back at the bunnies and starts to chuckle darkly) Such beings are happy from the events from their lives. (Forms a dark energy ball in his hand) However, they are unaware that nothing in life should be happy at all. (He launches the dark energy at the bunnies and causes an explosion killing the two of them)
[Alice]: NO! (Alice starts to cry at the deaths of the two adorable bunnies) You monster!
[Carroll]: (Laughs manically) Thank you, you are too kind Ms. Alice.
[Jack]: What makes you think you needed to do that? They were just two innocent rabbits!
[Carroll]: My boy, don't get so worked up over the death of those damn playthings. (Brings out a crystal) I would love to make you two my toys, but I am afraid my playtime is over. Have fun with my rose, she may sting with her thorns.

Carroll disappears and the crystal shatters and a seed falls to the ground out of the crystal. The seed then grows into a giant rose with several thorned vines and a large mouth to eat her prey.

(After Jack defeats the boss battle)

Alice is still down from the death of the rabbits, but Jack cheers her up saying that everything will be fine. They then decide to go to the city.

Chapter 2:
As Jack and Alice enter the city, they see an old man lying on the grass, crying in pain and agony. The old man was suffering from a bullet in the stomach and Jack took him to a nearby hospital. Luckily, the old man survives and he gives his thanks to Jack and Alice. He then requests the two to find his lost items throughout the city since a group of thugs ganged up on him during his afternoon walk. If they collect all the 5 items for him, then he will level their suit system up.

(After completing Urban Metropolis Stage 2)
Jack has collected the 2nd stolen item and decides to rest on the amusement park bench. Alice sits down right next to him and asks if they could take a break from this ordeal, to which Jack agreed without hesitation. Jack and Alice go onto the rides of the amusement park and had lots of fun at the local meteor festival.

[Jack]: Well, the festival is about to end, we have to get back to business with the Mayor.
[Alice]: (Makes a pouty face) Aww, I don't want the fun to end.
[Jack]: (sighs but smiles) Don't worry, I promise we will come back here to play some more, ok?
[Alice]: Ok, I guess...
[Jack]: Maybe before we go, can I get some ice cream for the two of us?
[Alice]: (mood lightens up) Oh sure! Make sure to get me strawberry cherry!

Jack buys the ice cream from the ice cream vendor and they walk off, licking their ice cream. Jack takes off his scarf and turns away from Alice's point of view.
[Alice]: Jack, why are you facing towards the shrubs?
[Jack]: Well, it is personal and I am not used to showing my face.
[Alice]: Just show me your face Jack (grabs Jack's head and turns it around) Wow, is that a heart-shaped birthmark?
[Jack]: (sighs) Yes, I was born with this hideous mark and I always try to hide it from everyone else.
[Alice]: What is wrong about that? I don't see what is so hideous about it.
[Jack]: No, it just keeps reminding me that I am related to the Queen of Hearts, and I just don't want to live with such evil blood. (starts to stare at the ground in depression)
[Alice]: Jack, don't let anything get to you. It doesn't matter if your great great great grandmother was my greatest foe back then, and it doesn't change who you really are Jack.
[Jack]: Thank you Alice, really, it helped.

Jack and Alice finish their ice cream, but Alice found a speck of ice cream on Jack's cheek. She then decides to kiss his cheek to remove the ice cream, but resulting in Jack's surprise.

(After completing stages 1-4)
The thug leader rests his back on the alleyway and Jack finally catches up to him.
[Jack]: Sir, I would ask one more time to bring that city hall key to me.
[Mobster]: Heh, kid, you really think you can make me?
[Jack]: Please, if you refuse to return it, I will have to use force.
[Mobster]: (shoots at him, but Jack dodges at the second) Shut the hell up kid, you think you are some kinda wise guy? Don't you know how many monets (currency in Wonderland) we get when we give this to the Runeshadows?
[Jack]: (sighs) Looks like I have no there choice then.

(After Mobster Larry boss battle)
Jack gives him a final punch in the face that sends Mobster Larry flying into a trash can in defeat. He grabs the city hall key from Larry and runs back to the Mayor. The mayor thanks Jack again for retrieving the valuables he has lost and leveled up his suit system. The mayor also mentioned suspicious phenomena happening at the nearby beach city, which lead the two to believe that the Runeshadows are up to something.

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Re: Renegade: Chapters

Post by Woyaojinkela on Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:33 pm

Surprised OMG nice.

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