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Pokédollar Shop Feature

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Pokédollar Shop Feature Empty Pokédollar Shop Feature

Post by Knightmare on Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:21 am

We have a new Pokédollar feature!

1. Every thread you make, you will receive 10 Pokédollars
2. Every post you make, you will receive 5 Pokédollars
3. Every recruit you get you will earn 20 Pokédollars (message me who you recruited and your points will be added in less than 12 hours)
4. Every friend you make you will earn 5 Pokédollars

Point Shop Prizes:
250 points for any non-legendary Pokémon
500 points for any non-legendary shiny Pokémon
750 points for any legendary Pokémon
1,000 points for any legendary Pokémon

If you purchase a prize, the Pokédollars you spent on the specific prize(s) will be subtracted from your Pokédollar value.



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