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New moves from Sun and Moon(incomplete, working progress, format's messed up)

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New moves from Sun and Moon(incomplete, working progress, format's messed up) Empty New moves from Sun and Moon(incomplete, working progress, format's messed up)

Post by Woyaojinkela on Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:43 pm

With the introduction of sun and moon, the metagame will change massively. I already had a topic of the new pokemon, and in this one I will talk about the moves. To see them all, it's here. http://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/attacks.shtml
I'm just going to talk about the one that I think are going to be useful

Move               Type      Category   PP    BP     Acc   Secondary affect   Comment
Accelerock       rock   physical   20   40   100    Usually go first     Only learned by Lycanroc, which gets good            
                                                                                                     attack  and should make good use of this move.                          
                                                                                                     Can be useful against a mega pinsir or revenge                
                                                                                                     killing a mega pinsir, and some other stuff

Anchor Shot     Steel  Physical  20  80  100  Traps the opponent   It can only be learned by dhelmise, and            
                                                                                                        anchor shot is his best physical steel type      
                                                                                                        move. Dhelmise is not a steel type but it does  
                                                                                                        get steelworker which makes its steel moves  
                                                                                                        as power as its STAB. Trapping the opponent  
                                                                                                        is also nice. Maybe heatran switching in and          
                                                                                                        you used anchor shot just in case. You can      
                                                                                                        then earthquake the heatran away. It can't
                                                                                                        have air balloon because you anchor shot it    
                                                                                                  and he can't double switch because it's trapped.

Aurora Veil ice      status 20 -- --      Halves the damage for 5 turns in hail
Mainly for alola ninetails, it has snow warning and it can set up this, which is pre much reflect+light screen

Baneful Bunker poison status 10 -- --   Protects. If the opponent makes contact then it poisons the opponent
Better version of protect, extremely annoying. Can only be learned by the new annoying shisct, toxepex.

Burn Up fire      special 5 130 100  User loses fire typing
This move itself is pretty OP. Fortunatly only arcanine, the cydaquill line, and moltres can learn it. Typhlosion and moltres will make good use of it. And losing fire typing will leave them to have better defensive typing, but at the same time losing the stab. The pp is bad so try not to spam it too much. I'd expect these pokemon to fire burn up then switch out constantly.

Clanging Scales dragon special 5 110 100 Defense drop by one stage after this
only learned by komo-o. It's a useful special attack, might replace draco meteor on komo-o.

Darkest Lariat dark   phyiscal  10 85 100 ignores the opponent's stat change
only learned by incinroar, ignoring stat change can be useful to beat stuff that uses things like bulk up and iron defense. 85 bp is not bad, better than crunch

First Impression bug   physical   10 90 100 only works first turn, usually move first
only learned by gollispod, useful for revenge killing stuff. The thing about this one is the opponent doesn't have to be only a little bit health left to be revenge killed by this. This pokemon might need to switch out a lot.

Ice Hammer ice physical   10 100 90  lowers speed by 1 stage after firing
basically ice type hammer arm. only learned by Crabominable, basically its ice type stab. It doesn't care much about the speed drop because it's already very slow and is likely to switch out or just die after firing this.

Liquidation      water  physical  10 85 100  20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1
a better waterfall. Stab move for aranaquid, caracosta in low tier and gollispod

Lunge      bug physical 15 80 100  lowers the opponent's defense
a better x-scissor... stab choice for aranaquid, buzzwole, and physical pheromosa

Moongeist Beam ghost special   5       100 100 ignores opponent's ability
lunala's stab. Not sure how the ability part is going to play out. pretty useful against lugia i guess

Pollen Puff bug special  15 90 100   if target is an ally, heals 50%
only learned by rirombee, can be useful in doubles i guess

Power Trip       dark   physical 10 20 100 The user boasts its strength and attacks the target. The more the user's stats are raised, the greater the move's power.
physical, dark stored power. Learned by krookodile and pangoro's evolution line and mankey. Moxie+Power trip spam :^) by krookdile

Psychic Fangs psychic physical 10 85 100 destroys light screen&reflect
learned by bruxish, sharpedo line and stoutland line, a better zen headbutt really. Bruxish does have strong jaw to boost the psychic fang. Sharpedo also likes hitting some fighting type with it.

Shadow Bone ghost   physical 10 85 100  20% to lower target's defense
a better shadow claw, only learned by alolan marowak

Shore Up      ground   status 10 -- -- The user regains up to half of its max HP. It restores more HP in a sandstorm.
palossand's recovery

Smart Strike steel  physical 10 70 --    Never miss
only here because kartana can't learn iron head

Spirit Shackle ghost  physical 10 80 100  Traps opponent
physical ghost stab for decidye. Only learned by decidye

Sunsteel Strike steel physucal 5 100 100 ignores opponent ability
solgeleo's steel stab. after z-move splash boosting attack stat this move will be op because unaware wont stop it because it ignores ability not sure how ability will play out. i guess useful against bewear if you ever find one in uber

Honorable mention coming up n_n

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New moves from Sun and Moon(incomplete, working progress, format's messed up) Ddeirme
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