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Newcomer's mistake: things you should not be using (in anything goes)

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Newcomer's mistake: things you should not be using (in anything goes)

Post by Woyaojinkela on Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:00 am

When newcomer comes to showdown, they usually don't know what the formats all. The simplest one is anything goes, because basically everything is allowed. Although newcomer know all the rules and have some ideas of what the good pokemons are, they tends to do a lot of mistakes and unnecessary moves. Today, I will cover some moves and some pokemon that you shouldn't use.

Shadow Force/spacial rend/roar of time Arceus-Normal:
Shadow force: The whole point of using ghost coverage is to mainly hit ghost type like giratina-O. But if you run shadow force you are just giving it a free chance to easily switch out.
Spacial rend/Roar of time: First, the main point of using arceus-normal is mainly stab extreme speed, so if you are having a special move that doesn't hit much at all then it's not a good idea. Second, dragon moves are generally overrated since dragon aren't that dominated anymore. Third, extremespeed hits the majority of the dragon hard enough, only exception is giratina which you hit with shadow claw. Fourth: never run roar of time.

In fact, out of all the forms only ghost arceus can make good use of shadow force and none of them make good use of spacial rend or roar of time really. Dragon coverage is generally bad and arceus-dragon likes judgement better.

Honeclaws, bravebird and blaze kick/sky upperkut Blaziken:
Honeclaws: it's pretty outclassed by swords dance. People say they use hone claws because the accuracy boost, so that their blaze kick/high jump kick wouldn't miss. But when you really think about it, if accuracy is so important, why not just use a 100% accuracy move with swords dance? Let's say blaze kick, you have 85 base power times 1.5 because of the honeclaws boost and you get 127.5 base power not counting STAB. But you can just go with fire punch and swords dance, 75*2=150 base power not counting STAB, which is obviously better than the 127.5. Same for fighting STAB. You could go with high jump kick+hone claws which gives 130*1.5=195. But why use that when you can use swords dance+low kick (90% of the ubers team are heavy and takes 120 base power from it. If you really don't like that just run superpower). 120*2=240, which is better than 195. I'm not saying you should run fire punch on the swords dance set but there's just not much excuse for running hone claws at all.

Brave bird: Uh, what pokemon are you hitting with this move again? Opponent blaziken? uh... no
252+ Atk Life Orb Blaziken High Jump Kick vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Blaziken: 382-450 (126.9 - 149.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Plus if you swords dance already then you could one should with just low kick .-. And blaziken's not a switchin for blaziken obviously.

Blaze kick/sky uppercut: People like blaze kick, it seems kind of like signature move, but that's not a reason to run it. Flare blitz is a more superior option. You may not like the recoil but blaziken can only take 1 hit max so the damage should but what you are shooting for. Because your goal when using blaziken is pretty much trying to kill the opponent b4 it moves. Sky uppercut in the other hand is outclassed by low kick. I mean the only thing sky uppercut hits notably harder is like mega diancie.-.

Hypnosis/roar of time/spacial rend Darkrai:
Hypnosis: Oh no what if a smeargle used imprison while having dark void D: I shall put it into sleep with hypnosis.
Roar of time: dude just no
Spacial Rend: once again, dark pulse hits them hard enough already. Spacial rend doesn't really make a difference at all.

Bad coverage deoxys-attack:
ok I've seen a tons of weird coverage on this thing, Like seriously, i've seen like meteor mash and some crap .-. Basically think about what the coverage hits and ur good.

Psycho boost deoxys-defense:
Psycho boost won't do crap with that offensive stat.

offensive deoxys speed:
uh, revenge killing a deoxys-attack are we? or are you planning on revenge killing a ninjask? either way, those offensive power won't make deoxys speed a good revenge killer or a sweeper. You should only use deoxys speed as a suicide lead

Choice scarf deoxys speed:
read above

Roar of time dialga:
i decided that i should just put why roar of time is bad latter cuz i don't want to go through it every time when people makes this mistake. But just keeping it simple, use draco meteor, period.

Drive(techno blast) genesect:
Genesect is suppose to be a fast offensive pivot and you want to attack first at all time. By running any kind of drive you lose the item slot to hold a choice scarf. Plus, if you want to run burn drive you got flamethrower already. Chill drive you can just run ice beam, Shock drive you can get thunderbolt. Only exception is douse drive. I hope you are not planning on hitting any fire type with it tho! Let's see the fire type in ubers, groudon primal immune to water, hooh which doesn't take much damage from it and if you really want to hit it, even a life orb hp rock would be bettter, reshiram which doesn't take much cuz it's not weak to water, and blaziken who doesn't like switching in at all. If you are running douse drive then you are also going to get outsped by +1 blaziken.

Thunderbolt mega gengar:
252 SpA Mega Gengar Thunderbolt vs. 172 HP / 0 SpD Primal Kyogre: 160-190 (41.6 - 49.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252 SpA Mega Gengar Thunderbolt vs. 248 HP / 52 SpD Ho-Oh: 158-188 (38 - 45.3%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
hits nothing else important really. It kind of hits them but not nearly enough. especially when you can 3hko with sludge wave
252 SpA Mega Gengar Sludge Wave vs. 172 HP / 0 SpD Primal Kyogre: 127-150 (33 - 39%) -- 99.9% chance to 3HKO
252 SpA Mega Gengar Sludge Wave vs. 248 HP / 52 SpD Ho-Oh: 127-150 (30.6 - 36.1%) -- 53.5% chance to 3HKO

Shadow force giratina-altered:
leave the offensive jobs to the origin one. this giratina form can't do crap with this move.

All out attacker greninja:
103 special attack is just not good enough to make good use of it and it's so frail that if it doesn't hold focus sash, it's likely to get OHKOed. It just generally need too much support. The only viable set for it would be the suicide lead one with toxic spikes. If you need a frail, fast attacker, just use deoxys-a.

Hone claws groundon primal:
See hone claws blaziken, also because of swords dance.
Calc: Hone claws+precipice blade: 1.5*120=180 bp without counting stab
Swords dance+earthquake: 2*100=200 bp without counting stab
Hone claws+stone edge:1.5*100=150
Swords dance+rock slide: 2*75=150
Once again, if you are using swords dance, it's still suggested to take the miss risk and run percipice blade but there's not much excuse to run hone claws.

Assault vest hooh:
might seem like a pretty good option and walls the majority of special attacker. But really, everything that the assault vest one can handle is already handled by the bulky leftovers set. The only thing assault vest really help surivive is surviving an origin pulse from kyogre. And if you are using hooh to handle kyogre, uh... I don't need to explain that.

Ice burn kyurem-white:
sure, ice burn is its signature move, but it still sucks especially if you don't run power herb. Even if you run power herb its still generally not worth it. Being able to only fire once and wasting an item is not a good thing. Plus choice specs ice beam hits barely softre than ice burn. 5 bp base power lower isn't a huge deal, i promise. While the 50% boost in the other moves are.

Physical landorus-I:
Sheer force makes it that earth power hits harder than earthquake. You can calc it if you want. Landorus-I also some good special coverage too, like sludge wave and focus blast.

aeroblast lugia:
it may seem like a good stab option but lugia can't really make good use of it. Lugia is so passive that if its attack move doesn't hit supereffectively, it's going to barely scartch. So ice beam is a much better option, being able to actually hit some pokemon with legit damage, like rayquaza, landurus-I/T and mega salamence.

Knock off mega mawile:
sucker punch is generallly better to cover up your bad speed. running both would be a bit waste of the moveslot because mawile only need 1 dark type coverage. The knocking off item won't be a huge deal since the most common switch in for this thing would be groudon-primal, which takes little damage from it.

Psychic mewtwo:
they probably didn't level their mewtwo to lvl 100 in game and thus don't know psystrike exist. Also aura sphere is generally outclassed by focus blast on mewtwo. Tho if you really hates focus blast then aura sphere's fine.

Dragon coverage mega rayquaza:
may seem like a really good secondary attack option but 99% of the target dragon ascent hits them hard enough. it's much better to go with extremespeed to pick off faster threats, earthquake to break though steel and rock types, or fire blast to kill ferrothron/skarmory.

Solar beam reshiram:
uh what are you hitting with this? jellicent? magikarp? And some people don't even run sunny day with it .-. Solar beam is just bad in ag .-.

Dragon coverage mega salamence:
like mega rayquaza, 99% of the time return/double edge hits hard enough when you are using dragon claw.

thunderbolt/flash cannon xerneas:
thunderbolt seems like a nice coverage. But those people who runs thunderbolt on xerneas didn't do enough math. When you notice a neutral moonblast hits harder than a supereffective thunderbolt... 95(moonblast bp)*1.5(stab)*1.3(fairy aura)=185.25. And 90(tbot)*2(supereffective)=180. So the only thing you are hitting with thunderbolt is hooh which resist moonblast but weak against thunderbolt. But thunderbolt doesn't hit hard enough.
252+ SpA Xerneas Thunderbolt vs. 248 HP / 52 SpD Ho-Oh: 146-172 (35.1 - 41.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
And if you are really wanting to hit xerneas, why don't you just run hidden power rock??
Flash cannon is used to hit opponent xerneas but really? moonblast hits them harder .-.

stone edge zekrom:
does bolt strike not hit ho-oh supereffective enough or does it not miss enough? (smogon reference)

Moves you should avoiding using in general:
Any move that needs a recharge after firing, basically hyper beam, giga impact, roar or time, blast burn, hydro cannon and frenzy plant. When you fire one, the pokemon that fires it is pretty much done for. The opponent can either kill it easily or set-up without any worrying.

Ice beam on dragon types: ice beam is a fantasitic move in ag but dragon types already has dragon move to hit dragon types

Last friendly suggestion:

I hope this article helped. I know sometimes the outclassed set worked for you guys but majority of time the other sets works too. For example, you had success with flash cannon on xerneas killing opponent xerneas, you would have accomplished it without flash cannon since moonblast hits opponent xerneas harder. If you having any question of why something is unusable, plz ask. Opinions are welcome, questions are welcome, comments are welcome, none reasonable talks not too welcome. Have a nice day n_n

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