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Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread

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Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread

Post by Richard and Blaziken on Sat Nov 28, 2015 1:03 am

So Super Mystery Dungeon has recently been released stateside, and with it comes the most challenging PMD game we've ever had. You will get knocked out, and when you do you'll have to be rescued or restart from your last save point. Before reading further, please try to avoid spoilers. This game is new and people do not want to be spoiled on it. Area names are about the extent of spoilers I'd like allowed here.

So! I've decided we need a thread for people that need to be bailed out, as well as teams that are willing to offer assistance. I'll put up two forms to fill out:

Need Rescuing!:
Team Name:
Rescue Password / QR Code:
Area (and floor if possible):

Rescue Team!:
Team Name:
For Team: (use the name of the team you have rescued)
Rescue Password / QR Code:

You can also post your team info here if you'd like people to request you specifically for rescuing.

Team Name: BlazeBlue
Story progression: Post-game (put Main Plot if you haven't beaten the game yet)
Team Rank: Hyper
Status: Accepting Rescue Requests


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