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Black Knight

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Black Knight Empty Black Knight

Post by Aeon Lovejoy on Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:37 am

Hey guys, I might be literring the fan game section with these, but please bear with me. I am deciding to renamed the series to Black Knight and I have changed a lot of things over the time I was gone.

Black Knight is now a 3d Hack and Slash game similar to the DMC games I have played. This time, the main character, Victor, is wielding a scythe in battle.

You know, in games like Devil may Cry and Bayonetta, you really have no way to interact with your projectiles with your attacks. But in this game, you do. Your projectile attacks (Soul balls) actually interact with your physical attacks like using your scythe to hit the soul ball like a baseball bat in order to send it flying towards the enemy at faster speeds

In this game, you can rack up a lot of combos like


X= Scythe attack
Y= Soul ball attack

Victor slashes the enemy first with his scythe and next, he shoots a soul ball out of his palm. Once you press X again, Victor will shatter the Soul Ball with his scythe and it will turn into numerous fragments. Press X again to end the combo by spinning Victor's scythe in a whirlwind that scatters the Soul ball fragments around the screen, damaging the enemies at a wider range.

I plan on having the story posted here, so can you all please delete my previous posts? Seriously, please delete my previous posts, they are just the cancer of this section.

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