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Main Forum Rules

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Main Forum Rules Empty Main Forum Rules

Post by Genesis on Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:05 pm

Originally posted by Matteus

Quality over Quantity
Here at Forumunity we do not accept spammers. Quality over quantity, we prefer in depth posts over mindless posts to boost post counts. Boosting post counts with mindless posts is a good way to earn an infraction.

What if I cannot post that much?
Short posts are perfectly fine, as long as you don't post mindlessly to boost your post count.

Swearing and Simulated Swearing
This forum is family friendly and allows all ages. Swearing or simulated swearing is against the rules and will earn you an infraction.

Simulated swearing and swearing will count as the same offense and will earn you the same infraction.

Example (cute kittens is allowed):
Cute Kittens will earn you the same infraction as Cu** Kit**ns.

Account Security
Please know that no moderator or administrator will ask you for your forum password. Your password is for you alone. If anyone asks for your password, please report them to a moderator immediately.

Anyone claiming to be a moderator or administrator who isn't is against the rules and will receieve a ban of 2 days for the first offense. If that offense is repeated the user will be banned permanently.

Necroing Threads
Necroing threads is when someone brings back an old thread by posting in it. Any post older than a month should not be brought back.

There only exception is of you can provide additional information to the thread and it is relevant.

Example (a post after 2 months has past):
Does anyone know if you can find that Pokémon anywhere else?

Toxic Behavior
Toxic behavior is not acceptable and can earn you an infraction.

Considered as toxic behavior:
-Insulting forum members
-Intentionally posting off-topic posts in a thread
-Bullying/attacking people

This does not mean you can't have different views and opinions on things and it does not mean you cannot debate about someone's views and opinions, there can still be healthy discussions without arguing and insulting one another.

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