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The Friend Code Exchange Thread

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The Friend Code Exchange Thread Empty The Friend Code Exchange Thread

Post by Rainbow Cloud on Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:35 pm

Hi everyone, this is the new thread for exchanging friend codes for 3DS/2DS and Nintendo Network ID's for the Wii U.  Just post your frind codes below if you would like to be added to the list on the original post.

I've collected all of the FC's, NNID's and Friend Safari information from the various other threads and put them all together in this one thread, hopefully this will make exchanging codes a little easier now Smile

3DS Friend Code: 1006-1455-0068 (Flying Type Friend Safari; Pidgey, Swanna and Rufflet)
Nintendo Network ID: JayJDee

3DS Friend Code: 2964-8763-5875

3DS XL Friend Code: 3153-5040-8791 (Steel Type Friend Safari; Metang, Klefki, and Mawile)
2DS Friend Code: 1736-1637-2535 (Electric Type Friend Safari; Dedenne, Stunfisk, and Galvantula)

Rainbow Cloud
3DS Friend Code: 4339-3827-2113 (Fairy Type Friend Safari)
Nintendo Network ID: RainbowCloud151

3DS Friend Code: 1289-8254-7243

3DS Friend Code: 0490-8452-6226

The Friend Code Exchange Thread New%20Rainbow%20Cloud%20Banner3
Team Chaos QT

Rainbow Cloud


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