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In the moonlight n°14: Dome fossil for heretics

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In the moonlight n°14: Dome fossil for heretics

Post by Champion Blackwolf on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:46 pm

Kabuto is a prehistoric Pokemon introduced in Gen 1. It can be revived from the Dome Fossil, which makes it a Pokemon for heretics (Twitch Plays Pokemon Red). Also, like every fossil Pokemon, it has the rock type (rock/water). Genesect is another prehistoric Pokemon but it has been genetically modified. Kabuto's base stats are decent for a LC Pokemon, with a total of 355, including a 80 base attack and 90 base defense. Special defense 45 but an eviolite can compensate. With only a 55 base speed, it's not that good for offensive, but the access to Rock Polish still gives it a chance. It also has three available abilities. The first one is Swift Swim: its speed doubles in rain. The second one is Battle Armor, which protects it from every critical hit. The third one is Weak Armor, lowers its defense and raises its speed when it takes a physical hit. If you ever run Weak Armor, remember multi-hit moves are a nightmare to you. Also, considering that it does not learn Shell Smash, unlike Omanyte and Omastar, and its low base speed, Weak Armor is a poor option for it.
Comparing it to its evolved form: Kabutops goes up to a 495 base stat total, with a small defense boost (up to a base of 105). It also has a 80 base speed which is fairly good considering Swift Swim, base SpD 70, base attack 115 and base HP 60. It has decend bulk and good offensive potential, but you can't afford to play it defensive because of the low base HP. At lvl 100, a base HP of 60 gives a maximum of 60x2 + 110 + 31IV + 252/4 EV, which makes 60x2 + 204, Kabutops can not exceed 324 HP which is low for a fully evolved Pokemon. Therefore, you either play it offensive but it won't last long (unless it's raining) or you play it defensive but it will just take hits and not do much to the opponent or its teammates. The advantage is that Kabutops keeps the same abilities as Kabuto, still has access to Swift Swim and Battle Armor (Weak Armor is too dangerous).

How to play them?

" />
Kabuto: LC tier. I tried a bulky offensive set but it didn't go well, and it was outclassed by Bunnelby and Scraggy in my team. Therefore, I recommand it as a support lead. Battle Armor for an ability, with eviolite. Start with Stealth Rock to mess up the opposing focus sashes, and cut into the HP of some fire, bug, ice, flying type threats. Then go with Toxic, and if Kabuto's still not down (good chances unless you take a super effective hit), remove an eviolite or so with Knock Off. For the fourth move, I suggest Rapid Spin to remove the hazards on your field. I remember an opponent setting up three Spikes and Stealth Rock, giving me time to use all my other moves. Then I spinned, just imagine his face, that was precious. Never trust the heretic fossil.

" />
Kabutops: NU tier. I found it quite hard to setup in NU so I tried it in OU as well, where Drizzle is not banned. Which means I'm giving you a OU set. Kabutops is good in rain, but takes a while to set. First send Politoed with Drizzle (in OU or monotype), with a damp rock in OU. Better take down the fighting, grass and electric types first. Then make sure you switch Kabutops in without taking damage: it needs a focus sash or it won't survive a special hit (especially a weakness). Swift Swim for an ability,  and place Swords Dance. Then unload Waterfall (180 with water STAB + rain bonus), and either Rock Slide (112 with rock STAB) or Stone Edge (150), the former being for better accuracy and the latter for higher power. The last move can be Aqua Jet for priority, or anything for coverage, like Brick Break, Night Slash, X-Scissor… Keep in mind that Kabutops is likely to die after three turns: survives the first one with the sash, kills in the second turn, and in the third turn the opponent sends a Pokemon with Intimidate, or a priority move, a bulky guy… Better save your rain setter, Kabutops and a defogger for late-game and go for a final sweep.

When facing Kabutops, you can counter it. In rain, you can send a Swift Swim Kingdra, faster and still strong with a 95 base SpA, it should beat Kabutops with Surf or Hydro Pump. Mega-Ampharos can take the hit and retaliate with Thunderbolt, Lucario has Vacuum Wave, Mega-Heracross takes the hit and uses Bullet Seed or Pin Missile, Aggron survives with Sturdy and uses Metal Burst, choice scarf Ditto is also there. In NU, you have access to Ditto, Wobbuffet with Counter, Steelix with Sturdy and Earthquake, sash Omastar with Shell Smash and Weak Armor (unless Kabutops has Aqua Jet), Ferroseed to stall it out, Storm Drain Cradily and many other counters.
Kabutops is a good Pokemon when you know how to use it, but I don't recommand it to players who don't have that much experience.

By Champion Blackwolf. I do not own the pictures. Next topic: Gyarados, sooner than Kabutops, I promise. Don't expect the one after Gyarados before the next two weeks though, it's one of my longest." />

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Re: In the moonlight n°14: Dome fossil for heretics

Post by Woyaojinkela on Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:56 am

Nice article n_n I don't have much else to say

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