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Stall team (ou)

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Stall team (ou)

Post by Woyaojinkela on Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:36 pm

Stall teams are team that have annoyingly bulky pokemons that have the goal of out stalling the opponents by wearing them down bit by bit with static moves like toxic.

Tips to build a stall team:

Mega evolution:
There are some good defensive mega, they are mega sableye, mega slowbro, mega venusaur, mega altaria(not too great defensively) and mega latias. The most common ones is mega sableye, because its ability to bounce back hazards and access to will-o-wisp and its great typing.

Hazard removers:
Hazard removing is important to stall teams, even if mega sableye is on your team. You might be able to bounce back the hazards, but you still need a back up. Spinners like tentacreul, starmie, or defogger like skarmory makes up a good slot for it.

They are amazingly bulky pokemon. They will help you outstall the opponent. Pokemon like chansey, cressalia and porygon2 are good options for this slot. Try to keep them alive.

Secondary wall:
You will need another wall, this wall will be the ones that wall what ever kind of move you are weak to. For example, if you are weak to physical attack, you need a physical wall. If running mega sableye, a physical wall is recommended because there are a few physical wallbreaker that will break past it.

Magic bounce/magic guard counter
You will need something to break down mega sableye and clefable, they will give you trouble if you don't.

Counter the pokemon your team is weak to:
It is important to counter whatever you are weak to. For example, mega sableye needs fairy counter, a lot of pokemon like mega slowbro needs static counter if not running rest. Make sure you aren't too weak to a certain pokemon.

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Re: Stall team (ou)

Post by Knightmare on Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:36 pm

Thanks for the guide, I'm not a pro battler so I'll be sure to take these tips into mind Very Happy



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